What Can I Expect After LASIK?

Young women smiling after LASIK

Have you decided to get LASIK eye surgery? Are you wondering what the recovery process will be like?

We understand that deciding to get surgery is a big deal, especially a procedure that’s on your eyes. Understanding the process can help reduce some of your anxiety and stress.

Patients are beyond excited to have better vision after having LASIK. For some patients, it might be instantaneous, while it may take a few days for others.

It is important to remember that like with any surgery, there is a recovery process. Wondering what to expect after you have LASIK? Keep reading to learn more!

First 24 Hours

During your LASIK procedure, you will not feel anything because of numbing eye drops. Within a few hours post-surgery, these drops will wear off.

Your eyes might start feeling uncomfortable or sensitive. You should take some ibuprofen and rest for a few hours.

When you wake up, your eyes should feel a lot better. You should still avoid activities that can strain your eyes like reading or using a computer. You will probably notice small improvements to your vision when you wake up.

First Month

The day after your surgery, you will experience better vision. You need to go to your follow-up appointment the next day to make sure that your eyes are healing correctly.

Your doctor will instruct you to use eye drops every hour. It is important to follow these instructions as directed. The eye drops help prevent infection and inflammation.

Also, it is also important to use artificial tears to help keep your eyes moist. After LASIK, it’s likely that your eyes will feel more dry than normal. If you are experiencing symptoms of dry eye syndrome, artificial tears can make a difference.

Also, within the first week, you should skip touching your eyes. They will be sensitive and still healing. This includes keeping things out of your eyes like soap or face wash in the shower.

If you are near contaminated water (rivers, pools, hot tubs, etc.), you should keep it away from your eyes too. Other things to keep away from your eyes include mascara, eyeliner, brushes, and creams.

This helps prevent infections. For the best results, you shouldn’t wear any makeup for at least the first week or two after LASIK.

You can start exercising within a week of having LASIK, but use machines and keep sweat out of your eyes.

Around two weeks post-LASIK, you will not need the eye drops, but you might still need the artificial tears. By the end of the first month, you can take part in contact sports without wearing eye protection.

Until then, make sure to wear goggles to keep your eyes safe. By the end of the first month, you won’t even remember what wearing glasses or contacts was like.

If you experience any pain during the recovery process, please contact your doctor. It can mean that there is a complication and it is important to get care immediately.

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