iStent® is a medical device that can be used to treat glaucoma. The iStent® is implanted into the eye during cataract surgery, making it convenient to treat cataracts and glaucoma at the same time. The iStent®, once implanted, helps lower intraocular pressure, one of the most common indicators of glaucoma. The iStent® may reduce your need for glaucoma medication, allowing you a little more freedom in life.

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iStentDuring cataract surgery, after the cataracts are removed, the iStent® is implanted into the eye to allow fluid to drain properly. This effectively lowers intraocular pressure with less reliance on glaucoma medication. You will not see or feel the device in your eye. The iStent® does not affect cataract surgery recovery much. You will use antibiotic and anti-inflammatory eye drops to help promote healing and stave off infection.

Are you ready to address cataracts and glaucoma during one quick procedure? iStent® may be right for you. Contact Ginsberg Eye to schedule your cataract surgery consultation, and be sure to ask about iStent®!