All Laser LASIK

LASIK is one of the most well-known vision correction procedures in the world. It fixes the common refractive errors of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.

New technology allows LASIK to be more precise, faster and even more successful than ever before. If you would like to live your life without glasses or contacts, all-laser LASIK may be the procedure for you.

Dr. Ginsberg is now using the Allegretto Wave Eye-Q 400 Excimer Laser and the IntraLase Femtosecond Laser when performing LASIK procedures.

How Do The Allegretto Wave Eye-Q 400 Excimer Laser and IntraLase Femtosecond Laser Enhance LASIK?

Custom Treatment

Ginsberg Eye uses the Allegretto Wave Eye-Q 400 Excimer Laser and the IntraLase femtosecond laser, which together provide custom treatments during LASIK. Both are cutting-edge technologies that enhance the LASIK experience.

They reduce procedure time, enhance how precise LASIK is and reduce potential side effects. The first step to a better LASIK procedure is better corneal mapping.

The Allegretto Wave Eye-Q 400 Excimer Laser uses wavefront-optimized technology to map your eye. This technology creates a customized computer program based on your cornea to guide the procedure.

The combined procedures create and direct a custom epithelial incision by the IntraLase Femtosecond Laser and custom laser pulses on your eye by the Allegretto Wave Eye-Q 400 Excimer Laser. This customization puts less pressure and stress on your eye.

Short Procedure Times

The Allegretto Wave Eye-Q 400 Excimer Laser makes the procedure faster. Wavefront-optimized mapping and the accurate program it creates are breakthroughs for LASIK procedure speed.

The results are astounding when you combine both the Allegretto Wave Eye-Q 400 Excimer Laser and the IntraLase Femtosecond Laser. When using them together, the procedure time is only one to two minutes from start to finish.

The incision created by the femtosecond laser takes thirty seconds, while the reshaping of the cornea only takes twelve seconds to complete.

Your numbing eye drops take about thirty minutes to kick in. It is only thirty to forty-five minutes from when your eyes are numbed, you receive the procedure, and then you’re cleared to leave.

After that, your eyesight will be better than it ever has been.

More Precision, Fewer Side Effects

The more precise the incision and pulses are, the less pressure gets put on your eye. The less corneal tissue that gets removed and the more accurate the incision, the less inflammation there will be. For patients, this means less time to heal.

These new technologies make LASIK procedures faster, more precise and safer. They make what was already a very successful procedure even more effective.

On top of less inflammation and recovery, patients also report reduced LASIK side-effects. Fewer halos, glare and less difficulty seeing in low-light conditions are common among all-laser LASIK recipients.

Also, all-laser LASIK may help reduce the most common LASIK side effect which is dry eyes. The precision of the IntraLase Femtosecond Laser creates a more durable epithelial flap which may reduce dry eyes temporarily caused by LASIK.

Experience True Visual Freedom With All-Laser LASIK at Ginsberg Eye

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