ORA System® with Verifeye®+ Technology

The ORA System® Offers Many Benefits to Both Doctors and Patients, such as:

ORA Equipment
  • Helping achieve better results and provide you an improved quality of vision
  • Giving an added level of confirmation for an optimal outcome
  • And if you have astigmatism, the ORA System® may improve the accuracy of your correction to help reduce the need to wear eyeglasses after surgery

ORA System® is a big advancement in eye lens surgery, allowing us to make the best choices during surgery as to what will benefit your eyesight the most. The ORA System® is especially helpful in astigmatic patients. Because ORA uses Wavefront technology to analyze imperfections in the eye and what is causing a refractive error, your surgeon knows exactly what needs to be corrected.

Also, ORA can tell during surgery whether or not the eye is focused, and if it is not, the ORA system helps us focus the eye. If you are considering refractive lens exchange surgery or cataract surgery, ask us about the ORA system!

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