Notable Patients

Dr. Robert F. Munsch M.D.
How does a retired eye surgeon with many options choose a surgeon when it’s time to be the patient?

As a retired eye surgeon who has performed over 10,000 cataract and lens implant surgeries, and has also taught countless eye surgeons in the US and 23 countries around the world, I was extremely particular (and nervous) in deciding who among my many respected colleagues would perform mine. I had an invitation from multiple nationally renowned surgeons to come be their patient…and given the anxiety of “now being the patient”, the decision was not casual.

After meeting Dr. Ginsberg, spending time in consultation with him, and having a thorough examination and technical discussion, I considered all of my options, and it was ultimately with great comfort that I entrusted my eyes to him. After my surgery and subsequent care, I can say unconditionally that Dr. Ginsberg ranks among the very best in the US. My entire experience was pleasant, and surgical results were excellent. In addition, and I feel importantly, he is a kind and caring person, and this is also reflected in his staff. I can recommend unequivocally that you choose Dr. Ginsberg for your eye care and surgery!

-Robert F. Munsch M.D. – Refractive Laser Cataract Surgery Patient
Retired Ophthalmologist

Dr. LaMotta

“Dr. Ginsberg is a well-rounded and very efficient good person. I took his advice and had my eyes repaired within a two week interval. I can see 20/15 which has helped significantly due to the fact that I use my eyes a lot while practicing medicine, boating, and flying. I would recommend him wholeheartedly for anyone who is in the need of cataract surgery. I’ve sent a number of my patients to him and they all done well. He’s a good man.”

-Edward P. Lamotta, M.D.- Cataract Patient
Internal Medicine

Dr. Lee

After consulting with Dr. Ginsberg and discussing my Vision Correction Surgery options, I felt very confident in his skills and knowledge and had implantable contact lens surgery with him. Within one day after the procedure, I was seeing 20/20 and was able to get rid of my glasses. The surgery and recovery were quick and painless. As an Emergency Physician, life without glasses has been revolutionary. I continue to recommend Dr. Ginsberg to numerous colleagues and patients.

-Douglas S. Lee, M.D. – Implantable Contact Lens patient
Emergency Medicine

Dr. Houck

Vision Correction Surgery with Dr. Ginsberg was a great. It changed my life. I wore contacts for so long I can’t even remember those days. 20/20 in both eyes and no glasses or contacts. I would highly recommend surgery with Dr. Ginsberg if you want to be free from contacts or glasses.

-Dr. Gregory Houck-Implantable Contact Lens patient
Medical Director and Founder
Houck Dermatology 

Male Placeholder

Have been visiting Dr. Ginsberg for two years – he has demonstrated he is a real ‘pro’ – evaluates information quickly and presents patient options – my back ground and experience leads me to comment on his leadership – the office is efficiently run – both technical and administrative support are excellent. Each person you deal with is professionally talented, courteous and supportive of patient evaluation and care. Doctor Ginsberg, however, deserves additional comment – really does a patient observe the professionalism of Doc G – one is totally confident after an initial visit that your lucky to have found an extremely competent Doctor who can relate to patients efficiently, effectively and confidently. I recommend him strongly and trust fully his professional MD acumen.

-Paul David Miller
US Navy Admiral, Retired


Dr. Ginsberg and his staff were very thorough in assessing my lifestyle objectives and helping me select the multifocal lens. The procedure was so simple and painless! When I got back on the golf course it was wonderful not having to wear my bifocal sunglasses. The day I had my hole in one I could actually see the ball in flight, hit the green and miraculously roll in!!! Don’t know if the celebration was for my eyesight or the hole in one….probably both!!