Notable Patients

Dr. LaMotta

“Dr. Ginsberg is a well-rounded and very efficient good person. I took his advice and had my eyes repaired within a two week interval. I can see 20/15 which has helped significantly due to the fact that I use my eyes a lot while practicing medicine, boating, and flying. I would recommend him wholeheartedly for anyone who is in the need of cataract surgery. I’ve sent a number of my patients to him and they all done well. He’s a good man.”

-Edward P. Lamotta, M.D.- Cataract Patient
Internal Medicine

Dr. Lee

After consulting with Dr. Ginsberg and discussing my Vision Correction Surgery options, I felt very confident in his skills and knowledge and had implantable contact lens surgery with him. Within one day after the procedure, I was seeing 20/20 and was able to get rid of my glasses. The surgery and recovery were quick and painless. As an Emergency Physician, life without glasses has been revolutionary. I continue to recommend Dr. Ginsberg to numerous colleagues and patients.

-Douglas S. Lee, M.D. – Implantable Contact Lens patient
Emergency Medicine

Dr. Houck

Vision Correction Surgery with Dr. Ginsberg was a great. It changed my life. I wore contacts for so long I can’t even remember those days. 20/20 in both eyes and no glasses or contacts. I would highly recommend surgery with Dr. Ginsberg if you want to be free from contacts or glasses.

-Dr. Gregory Houck-Implantable Contact Lens patient
Medical Director and Founder
Houck Dermatology