The Advantage of Using the LensAR Laser During Cataract Surgery

Do you think you may have cataracts? Are you wondering if it could be time to have cataract surgery? At Ginsberg Eye in Naples, Florida, we’re now offering a method of cataract surgery known as laser-assisted cataract surgery.  Keep reading to learn more about laser cataract surgery and why it’s worth considering! What is the… Read More

11 Tips To Prepare Before LASIK

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Is Your Smartphone Causing Your Dry Eyes?

When you use your smartphone a lot, do your eyes feel fatigued? Do your eyes feel tired after you watch videos on your smartphone? These are signs that you could be developing dry eye syndrome. Dry eye is a very common eye condition but it’s also quite easy to treat. Keep reading to learn more… Read More

How Does Durysta™ Work?

Were you recently diagnosed with glaucoma? Are you trying to figure out what treatment options could work for you? Glaucoma is an eye condition that can lead to permanent blindness if it’s left untreated. The goal of treating glaucoma is to keep it from progressing and to save your remaining vision. It is crucial to… Read More

What Is The Recovery Like After LASIK?

Are you concerned about what recovering after LASIK is like? Do you need reassurance before you decide to undergo a procedure on your eyes? LASIK is extremely common and has a very high success rate. LASIK, like all surgeries, has a recovery process. Keep reading to learn more about what the recovery is like after… Read More