Will My Dry Eyes Get Worse This Winter?

During the winter, do your eyes feel dry and irritated? Do you like to sit by the fire? Sure, it may be Florida, but the nights still get a little chilly here! Dry eye is one of the most common complaints people have, no matter what state you live in. Experiencing colder temperatures means that… Read More

7 Signs You May Need To Have Cataract Surgery

Do you see halos around lights while driving at night? Have you needed to get more frequent eyeglasses prescriptions that keep changing? These are two signs that you might be developing cataracts. Early on, cataract surgery is not usually necessary, but over time your cataracts will develop. As this happens, your vision will only continue… Read More

Clear Vision Is The Best Gift

Do you know someone who does not have clear vision? Are you trying to come up with a gift that will leave a long lasting impact on their life? A great gift for someone who doesn’t have clear vision is the gift of clear vision. This could mean giving them LASIK or cataract surgery. Keep… Read More

The Advantage of Using the LensAR Laser During Cataract Surgery

Do you think you may have cataracts? Are you wondering if it could be time to have cataract surgery? At Ginsberg Eye in Naples, Florida, we’re now offering a method of cataract surgery known as laser-assisted cataract surgery.  Keep reading to learn more about laser cataract surgery and why it’s worth considering! What is the… Read More

11 Tips To Prepare Before LASIK

Are you getting worried about your upcoming LASIK procedure? Have you been thinking about all the things you need to do to prepare? You should feel excited about getting LASIK, instead of worried! If you’re nervous, it’s understandable. There’s an easy solution for feeling more relaxed and knowing what to expect. Get prepared and know… Read More