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7 Signs You May Be a Good LASIK Candidate

Are you wondering whether LASIK is right for you? LASIK has made a significant difference in many people’s lives since it became FDA-approved. However, as incredible as LASIK is, it’s not recommended for everyone. Keep reading for 7 signs you may be a good LASIK candidate! 1. You’re Tired of Wearing Glasses or Contacts From… Read More

Why LASIK Is The Best Investment You Can Make

LASIK vision correction is one of the most popular and well-known medical procedures. That’s because it consistently delivers successful outcomes and changes people’s lives. It gives you visual freedom, reduces eye issues, and is a wise financial investment. Keep reading to learn more about LASIK and why it’s the best investment you can make! What… Read More

Can My LASIK Wear Off?

Are you trying to improve your life? Do you want to be able to wake up with clear vision? One of the best things you can do is invest in your health and quality of life at the same time. A great way to do this is by getting LASIK. This procedure will change your… Read More

6 Creative Ways To Pay For LASIK This Spring

Are you trying to figure out how to afford LASIK this spring? Are you worried that LASIK is too expensive? Most patients say that getting LASIK is one of the best decisions they’ve ever made. But since LASIK is an elective procedure, it can seem like a large expense if you’re paying for it out… Read More

11 Tips To Prepare Before LASIK

Are you getting worried about your upcoming LASIK procedure? Have you been thinking about all the things you need to do to prepare? You should feel excited about getting LASIK, instead of worried! If you’re nervous, it’s understandable. There’s an easy solution for feeling more relaxed and knowing what to expect. Get prepared and know… Read More

What Is The Recovery Like After LASIK?

Are you concerned about what recovering after LASIK is like? Do you need reassurance before you decide to undergo a procedure on your eyes? LASIK is extremely common and has a very high success rate. LASIK, like all surgeries, has a recovery process. Keep reading to learn more about what the recovery is like after… Read More


What can I expect during LASIK? First, Dr. Ginsberg will create a very thin, superficial flap in your cornea with a small surgical tool called a microkeratome or with a femtosecond laser. Dr. Ginsberg will then fold back the hinged flap to access the underlying cornea (called the stroma) and remove some corneal tissue using an excimer laser…. Read More

The 15 Most Visually Stunning Beaches In Naples

Love the beach? Getting LASIK is the best way to make going to the beach even more enjoyable! You’ll be able to see clearly, not having to worry about goggles or losing a contact lens. You can also say goodbye to worrying about getting sand stuck under your contacts. The best part: you can go… Read More

13 Tips To Prepare Before LASIK

Want to say goodbye to your glasses or contacts? Thinking about how you would prepare for LASIK if you got it? It never hurts to think about how you would prepare for a procedure, especially if you’re serious about getting LASIK. When you do get LASIK, it makes it a lot easier to stay calm… Read More

What Can I Expect After LASIK?

Have you decided to get LASIK eye surgery? Are you wondering what the recovery process will be like? We understand that deciding to get surgery is a big deal, especially a procedure that’s on your eyes. Understanding the process can help reduce some of your anxiety and stress. Patients are beyond excited to have better… Read More