10 Tips For An Easy LASIK Recovery

Young couple celebrating after LASIK

Are you trying to decide if you should have LASIK eye surgery? Does the recovery process worry you?

LASIK is a very common procedure. Like any surgical procedure, there is still a recovery process after LASIK. Wondering if LASIK is right for you? Keep reading for 10 tips for an easy LASIK recovery!

1. Immediately After LASIK, Wear Your Eye Shields

Before you leave your surgery site, they will give you goggles or eye shields. For the first few nights, you need to wear them while you sleep.

They may not be very pretty but they are there to protect your eyes! Make sure to wear them.

2. Do Not Touch Your Eyes

Remember this! The first week after LASIK, you cannot touch your eyes. It helps your eyes heal.

Your eyes could be a bit uncomfortable post-surgery. This could mean they are itchy, meaning you might want to rub them!

You need to resist the urge! To prevent yourself from rubbing your eyes, you should wear your goggles or eye shields.

3. Get Rest

After LASIK, you will need to rest your eyes. Sleeping gives your body the time and opportunity to heal itself.

While you’re sleeping is one of the only times this process really happens. Even though LASIK is a minor procedure, your body needs to rest and repair too.

4. Go to Your Follow-Up Appointments

The day after LASIK eye surgery and the next few weeks, you will need to attend follow-up appointments. These are crucial so your doctor can check your recovery.

To make sure you have an easy recovery, follow all your doctor’s instructions. Don’t skip any of your appointments!

5. Use Your Eye Drops as Prescribed

To help you heal, your doctor will give you a variety of eye drops. You need to make sure you use the eye drops as prescribed.

Before you touch your eyes to use your eye drops, you need to make sure to wash your hands thoroughly. It is important that you keep them away from your face unless they are clean.

While using eye drops, you need clean hands. Clean hands prevent your eyes from getting infected post-surgery.

6. Stay in Clean Places

Post-surgery, you need to be in clean environments. This means you should avoid smoky rooms, dusty places, or lots of fumes.

Your eyes are going to be more sensitive after LASIK, so being around particles is bad. If it seems dirty, just avoid it while your eyes continue healing and recovering after LASIK.

7. Don’t Wear Make-Up

To make sure your eyes stay clean, you need to skip wearing make-up for around one week after LASIK. This includes eye makeup like mascara, eyeliner, or eye shadow.

If you have old makeup, you should get rid of any that’s from before you had LASIK. Makeup is a breeding ground for bacteria.

Your eyes could become infected, leading to vision problems or complications after LASIK.

8. Wear Sunglasses

After LASIK, your eyes will be sensitive to light. You need to stay away from places with lots of light.

When you go outside, wear sunglasses. If you’re indoors and there is a lot of light, you might want to wear sunglasses indoors.

9. Skip Impact Sports

For one month, you cannot take part in any contact sports. Also, post LASIK, avoid any swimming for at least two weeks.

10. Remain Patient

Staying patient during the recovery process is easier said than done. After a few days and weeks, your vision will start changing.

A temporary part of the recovery process is seeing halos around lights and your eyes feel gritty. You may experience some dry eye, but this is temporary and goes away on its own normally.

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