What Can I Do To Treat My Frown Lines?

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Have you begun developing wrinkles between your eyebrows and nose? These are frown lines. They come from holding your face in a frowning position for too long and with age.

When you are younger, these lines disappear after you stop frowning. But, as you get older, they begin to mold into your skin.

That’s because your skin loses its suppleness and elasticity as you age. Luckily, you can reduce the appearance of frown lines.

Keep reading to learn what you can do to treat your frown lines!

What Are Frown Lines?

Frown lines or glabellar lines are vertical lines that form between your eyebrows. They are a result of repeated frowning over years or decades.

Two facial muscles, when overused, create frown lines. The more you tense the procerus and corrugators muscles, the more likely it is frown lines form.

These two muscles are near your lower forehead and upper nose. The more active they are in your facial expressions, the faster frown lines develop.

There is nothing medically dangerous about frown lines. They won’t hurt you if you have them. But, they are a sign of aging and can make you appear older than you are or feel.

How Do Frown Lines Form?

When you are young, these lines disappear after you stop frowning. After enough time and overuse, however, the lines will stay in your face.

Your skin and muscles will continue to hold that shape, even if you aren’t frowning or angry.

Frown lines form as you get older because your skin becomes less elastic over the years. Proteins like elastin and collagen keep your skin looking young and healthy.

But, as you get older, the rate at which these proteins continue to grow in your skin decreases. As the amount of skin proteins decreases, your skin becomes less elastic.

When your skin is less supple, it is more likely to develop wrinkles and frown lines.

How Can You Treat Your Frown Lines?

Ginsberg Eye offers two exceptional options to treat frown lines that are both botulinum neurotoxins, like Botox. Each freezes and relaxes the muscles that create frown lines.


The first is Dysport. It is an injection that softens and smooths frown lines in a natural-looking way for up to five months.

Dysport is a fast-acting treatment that doesn’t change the look or movements of the rest of your face. It uses one injection in five critical points between and above your eyebrows.

The injections reduce the activity in these specific frown line-causing muscles. Dysport injections are in-office injections and take between ten and twenty minutes.

You should notice the results within two or three days. And you should not have any frown lines for up to five months after Dysport.


Xeomin is another neurotoxin injection. It also freezes the muscle activity that causes frown lines.

The difference with Xeomin is that it gets purified during manufacturing. Purifying isolates the active ingredients in the injection. Any unnecessary proteins get left out.

Xeomin is best for people with moderate to severe frown lines. It also gets injected into the glabellar muscles around your eyes.

Xeomin treatments take ten to twenty minutes, and the results should be noticeable after three or four days.

The maximum benefit takes effect after thirty days, and the results should last for three months. However, it could be shorter or longer depending on the patient.

Would you like to reduce the appearance of frown lines between your eyebrows? Schedule an appointment at Ginsberg Eye in Naples, FL, to discuss which treatment is best for you.

No matter what you choose, you can reduce the appearance of aging and frown lines. The proper treatment can have you looking and feeling years younger!