13 Tips To Prepare Before LASIK

Young woman laughing after LASIK

Want to say goodbye to your glasses or contacts? Thinking about how you would prepare for LASIK if you got it?

It never hurts to think about how you would prepare for a procedure, especially if you’re serious about getting LASIK. When you do get LASIK, it makes it a lot easier to stay calm and makes the procedure more successful.

Your vision is important and it’s normal if you’re a little nervous about LASIK. While LASIK is known as a very successful surgery, there are ways that you can prepare for it. Keep reading for 13 tips to prepare before LASIK eye surgery!

One Month Before LASIK

1. Increase your water consumption. It helps decrease the symptoms associated with dry eye after LASIK.

2. Get more sleep. This will make recovering and healing from LASIK easier.

3. Find good music and audiobooks to listen to while you recover from LASIK. After LASIK, your eyes will likely be sore and more sensitive than normal. Looking at screens may cause discomfort, so avoid watching movies or watching TV for a few days.

4. Stop wearing soft contacts at least two weeks before you have LASIK, as contacts change the shape of your cornea. This is only temporary, but two weeks without contacts help your corneas stabilize.

5. If you use gas permeable contact lenses, doctors recommend you stop wearing them three to four weeks before LASIK. They cause significant changes to your corneas.

6. For professionals, you need to request time off. Post-LASIK, you need to relax and let your eyes heal. Make sure to ask your doctor how much time you need. Most people only need a day or two.

One Day Before Having LASIK

7. Figure out your post-LASIK transportation. After you have LASIK, you cannot drive and will need help going home. Make sure someone you trust can pick you up and drive you home after.

8. Skip using makeup, creams, perfumes, and lotion. Each of these products has the potential to put particles in your eyes. Keeping your eyes clean before LASIK is important. Your doctor may give you a special kit to wash your eyes before LASIK. This reduces the chances of infection.

9. Pick out a comfortable outfit to wear when you have LASIK. On the day of your procedure, you want to be comfortable. Do not worry about being fashionable. Picking an outfit out will help you save time on the day of your procedure and is one less thing to worry about. Avoid clothes made from materials that shed. This will help you prevent fibers from getting in your eyes. Stick to clothes that you don’t need to pull over your face, like zip-up hoodies, soft t-shirts, and leggings.

10. Figure out how you are paying for LASIK. Make sure to prepay or set up your preferred payment method.

11. Ask any questions you have before LASIK. To make sure you do not forget them, write them down!

The Day of LASIK

12. Stay calm and relax. While it is normal to be nervous before you have LASIK, your surgeon will help you stay calm. Some patients need to use anti-anxiety medicine. If you feel too nervous, tell your doctor. They want you to be calm and will do what they can to reduce your anxiety.

13. Have a meal before you leave to have LASIK but keep it lighter. Confirm that you can take your usual prescriptions with your doctor.

Following these tips will help you have a successful procedure and recovery.

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