7 Signs You May Be a Good LASIK Candidate

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Are you wondering whether LASIK is right for you? LASIK has made a significant difference in many people’s lives since it became FDA-approved.

However, as incredible as LASIK is, it’s not recommended for everyone. Keep reading for 7 signs you may be a good LASIK candidate!

1. You’re Tired of Wearing Glasses or Contacts

From having to insert contacts each morning to glasses obscuring your face in a photo, your visual aids can become a daily burden. The good news is that, for many patients, the need for glasses or contact lenses can be reduced or even eliminated after having a vision correction procedure like LASIK.

LASIK eye surgery permanently corrects refractive errors like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. You can finally achieve visual freedom from glasses and contact lenses when you correct these refractive errors.

2. You Want to Exercise Without Anything Holding You Back

When you are working out, the last thing you need to worry about is a contact potentially slipping out or your glasses falling to the ground. Individuals who no longer need to rely on aids to see after LASIK can focus on maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle without diverting attention to their vision needs.

3. Contacts Dry Your Eyes Out

Dry eyes are a prevalent side effect of wearing contacts. They can decrease oxygen flow and hinder your eye’s ability to produce tears.

The longer your wear contacts, the worse these symptoms can become, which is why dryness can be widespread towards the end of the day. It can also be especially noticeable during extended screen time.

When you lessen the need for contacts with laser eye surgery, you can allow your eyes to breathe without something lying on their surface. This restores their natural moisture.

4. You’re At Least 18 Years Old

The human body changes as it reaches adulthood, and your eyes are no exception. Because fluctuating hormone levels can affect your vision, it’s necessary to wait until you are at least 18 to undergo LASIK.

Being at least 18 ensures the best possible outcome and reduces the likelihood of requiring a follow-up procedure.

5. Your Prescription Is Stable

Regardless of your age, your prescription can change with time. To be a good LASIK candidate, your prescription must remain unchanged for at least a year.

Having a stable prescription ensures that your results from LASIK are predictable and accurate.

6. You Are Not Pregnant or Nursing

As with adolescence, hormone levels can change during pregnancy, affecting your vision. If you had your eyes corrected during this time, it wouldn’t be accurate.

For the best results, you should wait to have LASIK until you’ve finished nursing, or it’s been at least three months since you gave birth.

7. You Have Realistic Expectations About LASIK

When most individuals picture life after LASIK, they think of ditching their glasses or contacts once and for all. While laser eye surgery can be life-changing for many, there is no guarantee that you will never have to wear glasses or contacts again.

When you have realistic expectations for what this procedure can achieve, you are more likely to be happy with your results.

Ready to see the difference LASIK can make in your life? Schedule a LASIK consultation at Ginsberg Eye in Naples, FL, today to determine if LASIK is right for you!