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Can Dry Eyes Make Allergy Symptoms Worse?

Do you have allergies? Are you finding that your eyes feel dry after working all day? Dry eye is a very common condition. There are many causes of dry eye. These can include allergies, spending time spent looking at screens, and your environment. If you have dry eye and allergies, these are two things that… Read More

What Can You Do To Reduce Dry Eye This Winter?

During the winter, are your eyes dry and irritated? Are you traveling to or reside in a cold climate? Dry eye is one of the most common complaints people have about the winter. Colder climates mean that you experience dry air and cold wind. There are dry air and cold wind outside and dry air… Read More

What Happens If I Have Dry Eye?

Do you find that your eyes feel dry? Are your eyes often red and irritated? Dry eye is a very common condition that happens when your tears do not lubricate your eyes as they should. There are many reasons that this happens. We understand that dry eyes are uncomfortable. Your dry eyes could be because… Read More