Will Cataract Surgery Hurt?

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Do you think you have cataracts? Do you have cataracts and know you’ll need cataract surgery? One of the things that people are most nervous about is if the procedure hurts.

We all know that our eyes are very sensitive. The thought of surgical instruments or a laser touching our eyes is scary. But it’s really not that bad!

Don’t believe us? Keep reading to learn more about cataract surgery in Naples!

Will I be awake during cataract surgery?

Patients rarely describe cataract surgery as being painful. Most patients say that they feel a small amount of discomfort after the procedure.

Post-surgery, most patients talk about their satisfaction with the procedure. Many patients remark on how quick and pain-free it is!

One reason people think that cataract surgery will be painful is that you’re awake during it. Before the surgery, you’ll receive a sedative like Valium.

This helps relax you while you’re in the operating room. This keeps patients relaxed and comfortable during the procedure.

Although you are awake during cataract surgery, you can’t feel anything. This is because you’ll get anesthetic eye drops that numb your eyes.

With the eye drops, you won’t feel anything, including pain during the procedure. The most you may feel during cataract surgery is some slight pressure. This is not painful!

What happens during cataract surgery?

During the procedure, a special tool holds your eyes open. This tool does not hurt.

Your eyes are held open so your old lens is properly removed and replaced with your intraocular lens. These steps are not painful and happen very fast.

During the procedure, your doctor will continue to ask how you are doing. Though you are awake during cataract surgery, you may not remember everything.

This is normal! If your memory is fuzzy, it’s because of medications you get during cataract surgery.

What happens after cataract surgery?

Post-surgery, your medications will start to wear off. During this time, your eyes may feel uncomfortable. Most patients manage this short-term discomfort with over the counter pain medications.

Your eye doctor will discuss your post-op instructions and what to expect. Recovering from cataract surgery should not be painful. If you are in severe pain, this can be a sign of complications.

Common symptoms after cataract surgery can include:

  • itchy or irritated eyes
  • watery eyes
  • blurry or cloudy vision
  • feeling like there is something in your eyes
  • light sensitivity

All these symptoms are temporary and go away after a few days. By the end of the first-week post operation, most patients are able to see well enough to go back to work and drive.

If you experience high levels of unbearable pain, please contact your doctor immediately. The sooner, the better because complications are easier to treat earlier on!

You’ll need to attend follow up visits with your cataract surgeon to make sure your eyes are healing. This helps to catch any problems or infection early on.

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