The Advantage of Using the LensAR Laser During Cataract Surgery

Woman smiling after Cataract Surgery

Do you think you may have cataracts? Are you wondering if it could be time to have cataract surgery? At Ginsberg Eye in Naples, Florida, we’re now offering a method of cataract surgery known as laser-assisted cataract surgery. 

Keep reading to learn more about laser cataract surgery and why it’s worth considering!

What is the LensAR laser system? 

During laser cataract surgery, the laser used is the femtosecond LensAR. This laser was specifically designed for cataract surgery. 

The LensAR laser system has a method with it called Augmented Reality. This is not the same as virtual reality, even though it sounds similar. 

Instead, with Augmented Reality, a full picture of the patient’s eye is created. This provides your surgeon with a full picture of your eye. 

It also gives them all the information that’s necessary to perform laser cataract surgery. Using Augmented Reality creates laser pulses that can be precisely placed, every single time. 

Incisions are also more precise due to a combination of 3-D imaging and laser applications. Laser cataract surgery is more unique and customizable when compared to traditional cataract surgery procedures.

Guesswork is eliminated, allowing patients to end up with better care and fewer complications as well. 

The advantage of the LensAR laser system

LENSAR Femtosecond Laser for Cataract Surgery

Compared to traditional cataract surgery, laser cataract surgery is more precise and accurate. Using the LensAR laser system provides a distinct advantage for patients. 

One thing that the LensAR system excels at is correcting astigmatism. With astigmatism, patients have a cornea that’s shaped more like a football, rather than round like a basketball or a soccer ball. 

As a result, you’ll have blurry or distorted vision. During laser cataract surgery, refractive errors like astigmatism, as well as nearsightedness and farsightedness, can be corrected. 

Using the LensAR laser system makes it easier than ever to correct astigmatism and provide patients with clear vision after laser cataract surgery.

These kinds of results just weren’t possible with traditional cataract surgery using blades. Having laser cataract surgery is also much shorter and it takes less time to recover.

Am I a good candidate for laser cataract surgery?

Like any surgical procedure, not everyone will be right for laser cataract surgery. The only way to know for sure if it’s right for you is to visit your eye doctor at Ginsberg Eye for a cataract screening. 

You may be a good candidate if you experience these symptoms:

  • Finding it harder to safely drive at night
  • Your vision has become blurry or cloudy over time
  • You need more light to see things up close like when you’re reading
  • You see halos, glare, or starbursts around lights or light sources
  • You’re experiencing painful light sensitivity
  • Colors seem muddy, faded, brown, or more yellow than normal
  • You have double vision in one eye
  • You frequently need to get a new prescription for your glasses or contact lenses

These are only some of the common signs that you may have cataracts. To know for sure and to find out if laser cataract surgery is right for you, schedule a cataract screening at Ginsberg Eye in Naples, FL today!