Image of Pterygium

Image of Pterygium

What is Pterygium?

Pterygium is a pink, fleshy bump that grows on the white of the eye, which can eventually grow over the cornea and obstruct vision. Individuals who spend a great deal of time outside, especially on the water, are more likely to be diagnosed with a pterygium. Spending time outside on the water can result in the sun’s UV rays being bounced back onto your eyes, which increases the longer you stay outside in bright sunlight. Although pterygia are benign, they can often impact your vision and become irritating.

Pterygium Symptoms:

If you have a pterygium, it will often show up on the side of the eye that is closest to the nose. Before growing large enough to be seen, those with pterygium often complain that they feel like there is something in their eye, like a piece of dirt. Patients who already suffer from dry eye may develop a pterygium as well. If a pterygium grows far enough onto the cornea to cover the pupil, vision will be obstructed.

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