7 Signs You May Need To Have Cataract Surgery

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Do you see halos around lights while driving at night? Have you needed to get more frequent eyeglasses prescriptions that keep changing?

These are two signs that you might be developing cataracts. Early on, cataract surgery is not usually necessary, but over time your cataracts will develop.

As this happens, your vision will only continue to get worse. Once this happens, there’s a good chance you’ll want to have cataract surgery.

Keep reading to learn more about cataracts and to find out 7 signs you may need to have cataract surgery!

What is a Cataract?

When you don’t have cataracts, the lens in your eye is clear and easy to see through. But with age, it can become cloudy due to the development of cataracts.

Most patients say that having cataracts is like looking at the world through a foggy window. Cataracts are very common as a result of aging.

By the age of 80, about half of all people will have or already had cataracts.

1. Colors Look Faded

As cataracts develop, colors begin to look faded and discolored. For example, white looks more like a pastel yellow. Colors may also seem like they have more of a muddy brown tint to them.

2. Trouble Driving at Night

Cataracts make it hard to differentiate between light and dark. Some patients develop headaches from looking at headlights and street lamps.

Another common sign of cataracts is seeing halos around lights at night. These vision problems make it hard to drive at night with cataracts and they make it more dangerous.

3. Frequent Changes to Your Glasses or Contact Lens Prescriptions

As your cataracts develop, your vision will also change. You can go from being able to clearly see distances to requiring frequent new prescriptions in order to see a traffic light.

4. Vision Changes

Cataracts start off small and develop slowly. Over time, your vision will become worse due to cataracts.

Getting frequent eye exams is the best way to keep an eye on your cataracts. Vision changes include cloudy, blurry, or faded vision.

Also, some patients develop a sensitivity to light from cataracts or they may even experience double vision in one eye. Cataracts make it difficult for the light to enter because the lens is cloudy. This causes double vision.

5. Requiring Stronger Light

To see clearly, some patients need stronger or increased levels of light. This makes it easier to complete activities that need focus.

In the beginning, more light can help, but as your cataracts develop it will no longer make a difference.

6. Poor Quality of Life

Once cataracts start impacting the ability to do the things they enjoy, patients usually decide to get cataract surgery. This includes enjoying hobbies, work, and doing detail-oriented tasks.

Surgery is the best option once glasses or contacts do not help. Cataract surgery is the only way to treat cataracts.

Without cataract surgery, you could get injured because you cannot see clearly while walking or driving.

7. Cataracts and Another Eye Condition

Having cataracts and another diagnosis is hard, but one benefit is that you can often treat both while having cataract surgery. Some conditions are complicated because cataracts can make treating your second condition harder.

This makes cataract surgery a great solution.

Are you ready to discuss having cataract surgery? Schedule your cataract screening at Ginsberg Eye in Naples, FL today! There’s no reason to continue letting cataracts rule your life!