PRP Derived Dry Eye Drops

Protein Rich Plasma Derived Dry Eye Drops (PRP Derived Dry Eye Drops)

Autologous serum drops to treat Dry Eye Syndrome (DES) have become an important, but uncommon therapy to treat patients with moderate to severe DES. One of the reasons it is not commonly offered as a dry eye treatment to patients is the complexity in creating the drops. It involves drawing blood from the patient and modifying the blood to obtain the serum portion of the blood. This serum is then placed in eye drop bottles for the patient to use on a daily regimen.

Since serving the Fort Myers and Naples area with dry eye treatments, Ginsberg Eye has simplified this procedure by employing a technique in which this procedure is done quickly and efficiently in our office in approximately 60 minutes, at which time the patient leaves with approximately three months worth of drops. The utilized technique also takes autologous serum drops to the next level. The drops produced at our office are derived from protein-rich plasma and are highly enriched in the growth factors important to healing the ocular surface and fighting the dry eyes and associated symptoms.

If you have been suffering from moderate to severe DES and have not had the opportunity to try PRP Derived Dry Eye Drops, please contact Ginsberg Eye for more information.